Massage & Yoga

Melanie Rosonina

Therapeutic Massage


  • $85 for 60 minutes
  • $125 for 90 minutes
  • $150 for 120 minutes
  • Private Individual Class
    • $80 for 60 minutes
    • $100 for 90 minutes
  • Block Booking of 6x Private Sessions
    • $450 for 60 minutes
    • $550 for 90 minutes
  • Small Group (3-4 Peeps)
    • Single client rate + $25/person
Melanie is a dedicated massage therapist who is passionate about her work. She has transformed my life.  Pain and problems I suffered with for years have been eliminated!  I did not believe that could happen.  Melanie is professional and listens to your concerns before beginning the massage.  Definitely going back… she’s wonderful.
Karen, thixotropy client
“Melanie is a highly sensitive and intuitive teacher whose understanding of asana and all aspects of yoga is deep and transformative. Melanie brings an uncanny ability to sense the state of her client’s (and student’s) emotional, physical and energy bodies. I highly recommend her!”
Sending Love


Noel, thixotropy client
“I am an athlete who has invested a lot of money over the years with different therapists. I was over joyed to have Melanie work on my system since I trusted where she received her education and certification. Needless to say after our session my body was like a new one- as if she knew exactly where to press the reset buttons on me. The pressure was perfect and the long strokes along the fascial lines is what my body needed. I also enjoyed that Melanie really created a quiet calm atmosphere and she wasn’t interested in having a discussion or talking and chatting throughout my appointment. For me this is how I can really reap the benefits of allowing my mind to tune down.
I highly recommend hiring Melanie for bodywork because I know you wont be disappointed “
Paige, thixotropy client